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Individual Volunteer

The level of support from our community has been overwhelming! We are more organized than ever, and need a large task-force of volunteers. There will be many months of hard work ahead, but our resilient community is up to the task!

Please fill out the form below to tell us how you are able to serve.

If you do not receive a response immediately, please do not feel as though you have been overlooked. This will be an ongoing process, and we are only just beginning. The bulk of volunteer efforts will be needed in the future.

I Can Help

Volunteer Request

Colorado Springs Together is seeking volunteers to answer phones at the Distaster Relief Center (DRC) to start right away. Call 719-385-2000.

PPLD Fire Archive Collection

Pikes Peak Public Library Waldo Canyon Fire Archive Collection

Preserve your stories, photos, and videos of the Waldo Canyon Fire as part of the historic record.

Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

I wanted to extend my appreciation to you and everyone at GE Johnson for your assistance and cooperation at Dick and Francine Hansen’s house earlier this week. Without your support we couldn’t have preserved the Vespa motor scooter and several other items that help to document the Waldo Canyon fire. I know that you will be working in several other sites destroyed by the fire. I hope that if you find anything remarkable that you’ll let us know about it. We do plan to open an exhibition about the fire next June and are looking for object that help to tell this story. Thank you again!


Matt Mayberry, Director
Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

To share your stories, please visit