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Covenants and Plat Maps


 As the rebuilding efforts continue in Mountain Shadows, residents will benefit from access to covenants and architectural standards. Covenants will stipulate home design, elevations, colors, etc., but may also stipulate the landscaping design and use of materials and plants.

We have received the remainder of the covenants on file with the county, and our online tool has been updated. Click here to download your covenant documents.

Please note: There are a handful of addresses that do not have a covenant on file with the county.

Plat Maps

 As residents work on removing dead or damaged vegetation, planting new trees, and repairing or replacing landscaping, we have received several questions about the exact area and dimensions of individual lots, preservation areas, and open space. Most of the Mountain Shadows neighborhood is under private ownership. You can see the extent of your property by referring to the plat maps or the large scale maps available at Colorado Springs Together: The Center.

This information is also important for property owners looking to rebuild with a new house design that differs from their original home.

The maps show the clear boundaries, easements and restricted areas of each property to assist neighbors in their restoration efforts. We encourage property owners who are rebuilding to discuss with their home builders the specifics of where and what footprint is acceptable on their property and to make sure that they tackle the whole area of their lot when clearing out vegetation.

The available plat maps are also posted for the neighborhood on our website. Click here to download your plat filing maps.

These resources have been provided by El Paso County based on the documents they have on record.

Reference copies are at the Colorado Springs Together: The Center, and the maps will typically be located in the last few pages of your covenant documents.