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Additional Seedlings & Arbor Day Details

On February 1st, we sent out an email from Marty France announcing  an opportunity to request free seedling trees and also to order additional seedlings at low cost.  Below, please find an update from Marty and details about Arbor Day:

So far, over 40 residents have signed up for trees.  We learned last week that the State Forestry Office was able to give us 630 seedlings (210 each ponderosa pine, pinion, and rocky mountain juniper)!  We were not allotted any deciduous trees.

The seedlings will be available after April 15th and we’re currently making arrangements for pick-up in Woodland Park and delivery to support the Arbor Day Weekend activities. 

The State Forestry Office says that there are still plenty of Ponderosa Pine seedlings available for purchase.  Residents wanting more seedlings should  click here for the form  (which must be submitted no later than March 30th!), mention that they are part of the Mountain Shadows order, and we’ll be glad to pick up and deliver their order along with the free trees for the weekend of April 27-28. 

Please also  click here to update your requests  in the Google Docs file mentioned in my original letter.  By April 15th, MSCA and City Representatives will notify all of those who request seedlings with details of how many seedlings they've been granted as well as details concerning pick-up and/or delivery.  We’ll also pass along the latest plans for USAFA cadet help with planting the seedlings and any other erosion control measures that are planned for Arbor Day Weekend.

Additionally, in conjunction with the City of Colorado Springs Arbor Day Celebration on April 27th, trees will be planted along the trail from 30th Street to Wilson Road by the City Forestry Office.  Plus, the City Forestry's Urban Reforestation:  Free Tree Program has not been fully subscribed and applications are still being accepted.  Please click here for details.  Applications for the Free Tree Program must be received by March 29!

Thanks for your support of these important events, and please let me know if you have any questions about this process.

Marty France


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