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MSCA Wants to Communicate With You!

Colorado Springs Together (CST) has used a neighborhood-wide email system as the primary source of communications with Mountain Shadows residents during the Waldo Canyon Fire recovery, and it has proven to be a very successful platform.

Mountain Shadows Community Association (MSCA) will continue with this same email format, called eBlasts, to:

  1. continue to keep Mountain Shadows connected throughout the ongoing neighborhood restoration
  2. keep residents updated with other important Mountain Shadows community information

CST will send out eBlasts about large projects (such as the Park, Memorial, or Black Forest Mentorship Program), until the end of the year. However, MSCA will now be keeping the community informed about smaller-scale topics, including those that CST would have historically announced.


If you live in Mountain Shadows, just click the blue "Sign-Up for eBlasts" button on MSCA's new website to subscribe.


You (and roughly 2,000 of your neighbors) have been receiving CST eBlasts because you subscribed sometime within the past 14 months. While MSCA already has 800+ subscribers, CST cannot provide the remaining 1,200 email addresses to MSCA. So if you do not wish to miss out on important information, you must subscribe directly with MSCA to receive their eBlasts.


Sign-Up for eBlasts now! Subscribing to the MSCA eBlast list is quick and easy, so why wait? MSCA is beginning to send communications about the neighborhood now.

You can also "like" MSCA on Facebook for further communications at


Please visit:



Colorado Springs Together is an Independent 501c3 Non-Profit:
Colorado Springs Together is a community-driven volunteer effort, and is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The team members are distinguished citizens, business professionals and dedicated public servants in the community, facilitating and coordinating a quick and effective rebuilding process for the neighborhoods devastated on June 26, 2012, by the Waldo Canyon Fire.