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Requirements for Utility Capping and Line Inspection for Water Services

How do I know my water and wastewater lines are good?

We are receiving numerous questions concerning utility lines going to homes that have been lost to the fire. These questions range from what to do with utilities when removing foundations to how homeowners will know whether the utility lines are good before they rebuild. Rich Walker from Colorado Springs Utilities put together the following information for the Mountain Shadows residents. The following covers water supply and wastewater services.

Removing a foundation. This requires obtaining a wrecking permit. In order to receive a wrecking permit, all four utilities have to be disconnected. Gas and Electric are being done by Colorado Springs Utilities, but the Water and Wastewater are the responsibility of the homeowner using a licensed contractor.

1. Rebuilding a home on foundation undamaged by the fire: Colorado Springs Utilities is requiring a CCTV video on all wastewater services for all homes being rebuilt (both removed foundations and reused foundations). The video needs to be made at the time of the wastewater lines are disconnected. A copy of the video will be given to Colorado Springs Utilities Engineering Support Specialist, Rich Walker, on DVD and be reviewed by Dan Tippie at Colorado Springs Utilities. This will ensure that there is a clean and undamaged wastewater service prior to a rebuilding of the home on the existing foundation.

2. Rebuilding a home on a new foundation: Both the water and wastewater services can be capped anywhere between the property curb-stop line and a minimum of 10 feet outside the foundation. This will vary depending on the location of the new foundation and the construction requirements. However, if the new water service is going to use High Density Polyethylene Pipe it will have to be reinstalled from the property curb-stop. If the line will be reinstalled in Copper, the line can be tied in where the water service was capped. Both services need to be marked with a 2x4 piece of lumber at the point where they are capped. Once Rich Walker Inspects the disconnect, he will call the Contract Administrator at Colorado Springs Utilities to release the wrecking permit through the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department.

3. Damaged home needs to be torn down but foundation re-used: If the upper structure of the home is to be wrecked, but the foundation is to be reused, capping of the utilities is not required but the CCTV video of the wastewater line will still need to be done to ensure it is clean and undamaged. After the utilities are disconnected and the wastewater line has been videoed, the rebuild will follow the process of a new home.

4. Lot to be returned to its natural state: All utility services would be disconnected and capped back at the property line / curb stop. The new lines will be run from the curb at the time of new construction at some time in the future. No video of the wastewater line would be required because it will not be reused.

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