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El Paso County Flooding Relief and Recovery Assistance Guide

2013.09.16 El Paso Flooding RR Guide.pdf, 524.1 KB
(Requires Adobe Acrobat )

Wildfire Cleanup Guidelines

WildfireCleanupGuideance4.pdf, 232 KB
(Requires Adobe Acrobat )

El Paso County Public Health Department's guide to cleaning prior to re-entering homes damaged or burned by the Waldo Canyon Fire.

Post-Fire Cleanup Guidelines

WildfireCleanupGuideance2.pdf, 246.8 KB
(Requires Adobe Acrobat )

Please download this document to review Post-Fire Cleanup Safety guidelines from El Paso County Health Department.

Sifting and Debris Removal Tips

DebrisRemovalTips11.pdf, 71 KB
(Requires Adobe Acrobat )

Please download this document to review some useful sifting and debris removal tips.

FEMA and Debris Removal

FEMADebrisManagement.docx, 18.3 KB

Please download and read regarding debris removal.

Sifting Safety Guidelines

FINALSafe Cleanup After a Fire.pdf, 378.1 KB
(Requires Adobe Acrobat )

Please download this document to review sifting safety precautions.

Pikes Peak United Way Relief & Recovery Guide

Waldo Canyon RR Guide 10-02-12 1700.pdf, 1.4 MB
(Requires Adobe Acrobat )

Download this document for disaster assistance and information. Updates are continuously being made to this document.