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What is Colorado Springs Together?

We are here to serve as the primary community organization to bring the community spirit and substantial resources of the businesses and citizens of the Pikes Peak Region to restore the lives, homes and neighborhoods impacted by the Waldo Canyon Fire. We will restore these quickly and effectively.

We are here to:

  • Help the victims of the Waldo Canyon Fire
  • Make sure progress is made efficiently and effectively
  • Focus and coordinate efforts
  • Leverage the assets and skills we have
  • Respond as our city's "Type 1" recovery team
  • Be a single point for the collection of funds
  • Keep these funds within our local economy
  • Be the focal point of information for the community
  • Remain until our community is fully restored
  • Meet human need, clean up, and rebuild
  • Ensure the restored areas are better than ever

Read more about our mission >>


Will this organization negate other relief efforts?

No, we are not here to replace or overshadow the response by other organizations offering relief. Rather we will be linking to and partnering with other local organizations that have more specific purposes and will be more effective in many instances.


How is the Colorado Springs Together organization different?

Colorado Springs Together is a collaborative effort that is dedicated to connecting all of the various resources into one, centralized resource.

We are a totally volunteer-based organization. We do not anticipate having any paid staff. Our single mission is to address the needs of those whose lives, homes and neighborhoods have been affected by the Waldo Canyon fire. In the recovery phase, our goal is to be the single focus for donations, coordination and support to rebuild.

We have representatives of the homeowners affected by the fire on our team to help decide where the money collected should be spent.


Is Colorado Springs Together a Non-Profit Organization?

We are a community-driven volunteer effort, and is an independent, Colorado registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our tax exemption is pending. The IRS will likely expedite our application because it is directly related to disaster relief and recovery.

The team members are distinguished citizens and business professionals in the community facilitating and coordinating a quick and effective rebuilding process for the neighborhoods devastated on June 26th by the fire. The donations received will go towards the activities required to help restore the lives and the neighborhoods affected by the fire at the same time maintaining a strong sense of community during the rebuilding process.


Where will donated funds go?

Colorado Springs Together identifies needs, facilitates solutions, offers guidance, and communicates effectively to the communities impacted by the Waldo Canyon Fire to assure a successful long-term restoration.

Donated funds will be used to coordinate these efforts through a resource center in Mountain Shadows and the Colorado Springs Together website.  Donations will also be used to support the recovery of the communities with programs, events, and activities.  Allocation of funds will be authorized by a volunteer advisory board that includes representatives from the affected neighborhoods.

Requests for individual financial support, for needs that are not covered by private property loss and damage insurance, will be referred to the appropriate charitable organizations.

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What have you done so far?

Please view this PDF for the most recent progress update:

Progress Update 8/31/12 >>

Can I donate by check?

Yes you can. Checks may be sent to:

Colorado Springs Together
PO Box 402
Colorado Springs, CO 80901

Please download and enclose this donation form >>

Please make sure your information is correct so that we can send you the appropriate IRS documentation recognizing your charitable contribution.


Where can I drop off food or other donated items?

There are a number of caregiving organizations who can receive your donations of food and other items. For example: Care and Share, Goodwill, Red Cross. However you must specify to them that your donation is for the victims of the Waldo Canyon Fire. Offers of non-food items can also be coordinated through this website.

Let us know you want to help! >>


How can I volunteer?

There are a variety of ways you can help. We are going to be using this website to match the needs of the victims with the offers of support.

Let us know you want to help! >>


Where can I find temporary housing for my family?

Please fill out this form and we will contact you.

Temporary Housing Form >>


Where can I find updates and notifications?

If you are a Mountain Shadows homeowner, you can subscribe for email updates at the very bottom of this screen.

You can also find announcements and updates in the Homeowners section of this website. The homeowners section includes all past email updates, resources, notifications, community forms, etc.

Please note our Homeowners section (especially the Notifications page) is continually being updated as we receive further information, so please check back often.

Mountain Shadows Notifications Page >>


I lost my home. How do I begin to rebuild?

Debris removal is the most important step right now. If you have not had the debris on your property removed, please arrange for this with a licensed contractor. The deadline for debris removal is 9/30/12.

Every homeowner has complete liberty to select any contractor for debris removal, as there are a variety of licensed and approved contractors are available to carry out this work. However, before selecting a contractor, it is always a good idea to check the Better Business Bureau's database, as well as the resources available on the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department website.

You may also sign up here to be contacted by debris removal contractors >>

By filling out the form, you are not demonstrating commitment to a contractor, but rather expressing interest in being contacted.


Will I be forced into the "master cleanup plan," or can I choose my own contractor?

Each homeowner has complete liberty to select any contractor they wish for debris removal. It’s your property and your choice!


I need sifting assistance. Who should I contact?

If you are interested in receiving sifting support, please fill out our sifting support form. By signing up, we will be able to schedule your home for sifting support before the debris removal for your home is scheduled.

Sifting Support Form >>


What about my damaged foundation?

The removal of a foundation will be a contract between the homeowner and a) the company contracted to rebuild the home, or b) a separate company contracted just to remove the foundation and potentially fill the hole (per city codes) that is left after the foundation removal.
We are suggesting that the foundation, whether it is determined to be good or bad, is left in place until the homeowner proceeds with rebuilding. That way the old foundation can be taken out at the same time that a new one goes in minimizing run-off and the impact to the soils etc.
Those who have decided not to rebuild will be required to remove the foundation and return the lot to its natural state (again, the city codes) by bringing in fill dirt once the foundation is removed after which the lot can be regarded.

Next Steps Flow Chart >>


What are my next steps?

Each situation is different and the process is very complex. To get started, view our flow charts explaining the proposed next steps.

Next Steps Flow Charts >>


I have smoke damage. What should I do?

Please use the resources available at the Disaster Recovery Center or contact the BBB for contractors who can help.

Update: The Disaster Recovery Center has transitioned to telephone and internet provided information and resources for those impacted by the Waldo Canyon Fire. The information & referral service provided by DRC (previously located at 105 North Spruce Street) has now moved to the Citizens Service Center at 1675 Garden of the Gods Road.

Download this PDF about handling smoke damage

Other resources available to you >>


What are the current fire restrictions?

Visit the El Paso County Sheriff's Office website.

Current Fire Restrictions >>