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Rebuilding Resources

Colorado Rebuilds Fire Adapted Communities Resource Page

Disaster Safety Workshop Handout

colorado-workshop-handout-blue_FINAL.pdf, 791 KB
(Requires Adobe Acrobat )

IBHS Guide to Creating a Fire Adapted Home

RIA Guidelines for Fire and Smoke Damage Repair

RIA_GuidelinesFire.pdf, 757.3 KB
(Requires Adobe Acrobat )

Looks at the evaluation of fire and smoke damage and the steps to repair the damages found. It also discusses policies and procedures for those who perform restoration work.

Ignition Resistant Estimated Costs

Ignition Resistant Costs 100112 with Logo.pdf, 31.6 KB
(Requires Adobe Acrobat )

HBACS has prepared estimates of the relative cost increases for the use of the proposed ignition resistant materials. The estimates are based upon various assumptions which may or may not apply to every home and are for the purpose of comparing estimated costs of construction with different materials. The estimates cannot be used as a bid or estimate of actual construction costs for any specific home.


Rebuild_Provisions_Agreement_Letter.pdf, 274 KB
(Requires Adobe Acrobat )

The Colorado Springs Housing and Building Association has teamed up with the Colorado Springs Fire Department to address areas of concern to the fire code. Look through this document for information on the provisions.