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Simplifying Debris Removal in Mt. Shadows!

While every homeowner has complete liberty to select any contractor for debris removal, Colorado Springs Together is providing an optional one-stop solution for property owners whose homes were lost in the Waldo Canyon Fire. We are pleased to provide this solution in response to requests from property owners in Mountain Shadows!

A group of selected contractors will be coordinated by locally owned and operated GE Johnson Construction Company to provide quick debris removal for homeowners. GE Johnson Construction has volunteered to oversee the process at no added cost to provide a cost effective solution to property owners.

Before Cleanup:

This photograph shows one of the homes before the debris removal demonstration.

Property owners can:

  • Benefit from a one-stop solution
  • Access a dependable and licensed debris removal program
  • Receive favorable pricing for debris removal
  • Begin the decision-making process about rebuilding

It's your choice!

Want more information? Go to to sign up for further information and updates. Please note this does not commit you to the program. It is merely an expression of interest to facilitate the discussion between you, your insurance company and GE Johnson Construction.

Property owners must advise their insurance company that they are choosing to use the one-stop debris removal program from Colorado Springs Together.

It is anticipated that with the support of most property owners, who lost their homes to the Waldo Canyon Fire, debris removal by this one-stop solution will be completed by the end of August.

Vehicles from the companies supporting this debris removal process will carry placards identifying themselves as participants in the program. This is to enable security for the residents of Mountain Shadows and for the home sites that are to be cleared.

After Cleanup:

This photograph shows the same home after the debris removal was completed.

Colorado Springs Together also wants you to know:

  • GE Johnson Construction worked closely with School District 11 to use Trailblazer Elementary School as a staging area for the contractors.
  • From Trailblazer, the contract workers will be bused to the worksite each morning, minimizing traffic and impact on those living in the neighborhood.

On July 16, 2012, Colorado Springs Together coordinated a prototype demonstration of debris removal at two home sites in the Mountain Shadows neighborhood. This was a momentous occasion as it signified to the Mountain Shadows residents and Colorado Springs at large that cleanup and rebuilding has officially begun!

Valuable lessons were learned to further improve the process at future sites. This flowchart illustrates the proposed debris removal process:

Colorado Springs Together wishes to express our appreciation to the following organizations for their technical support of the demonstration:

  • The El Paso County Department of Health and Environment
  • Colorado Springs Utilities
  • City of Colorado Springs
  • Pikes Peak Regional Building Department

Some details about the prototype project:

  • This work was facilitated by GE Johnson Construction Company, a locally owned and operated business.
  • The debris cleanup was accomplished in a little over two days.
  • The basement was cleaned and hosed down and is now ready for inspection to assess structural integrity.
  • All work was performed by licensed technicians using personal protective equipment and techniques in accordance with the guidelines published by the Health Department.
  • By constantly wetting the materials during the process, minimal dispersion of dust and particles was observed.
  • The contractor segregated all metal for recycling resulting in a credit towards the cost of removal.
  • There was no impact on adjacent properties.

Colorado Springs Together is eager to continue moving forward with you to restore the Mountain Shadows, and we are grateful for the overwhelming support we are receiving from residents as we work through this cleanup process together.


Colorado Springs Together is an independent 501(c)(3) Non-Profit

Colorado Springs Together is a community-driven volunteer effort, and is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The team members are distinguished citizens and business professionals in the community facilitating and coordinating a quick and effective rebuilding process for the neighborhoods devastated on June 26th by the fire. The donations received will go towards the activities required to help restore the lives and the neighborhoods affected by the fire at the same time maintaining a strong sense of community during the rebuilding process.

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